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About Me

As a professional baby nurse, I’m passionate about caring for newborns and their families. I train students to work as I do—living around the clock with families, offering kind, compassionate support. Any new parent will tell you that the newborn months brim with fear, confusion, and doubt, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Not every family decides to hire a professional baby nurse. But every friend, mother, sister, cousin, partner, uncle, or aunt can become one themselves. If you’ve lived through the tumultuous newborn stage, consider reaching out to friends and family when they’re expecting their first, and share the knowledge you’ve gained. If you haven’t, educate yourself. Then, when the new parents you love are panicking, you can offer peace of mind (priceless!). I envision a world in which every newborn has their baby nurse, and that vision begins with you.

To date, I’ve cared for over 49 infants—and their anxious parents, too. Along the way I’ve learned that every newborn, and every parent, is unique. A great baby nurse does more than care for infants. They build and strengthen families, too.

In our ancestral history, new parents weren’t left to fend for themselves in flats and condominiums. They raised their children embedded in a community, and benefited from communal wisdom. A baby nurse knows that it takes a village to raise a child, and I always try to involve siblings and extended family in the process of loving new babies. Over the years, I’ve cared for the babies of pediatricians and business people, tech professionals and more. My style isn’t to judge, but to accept and support, unconditionally. Isn’t that love?

If you’re pregnant and reading this now, know that you can learn about realities of life with a newborn. Let’s not forget, it’s tough to be a newborn, too. “A baby nurse for every newborn” means an easier transition from womb to world. As a professional, I’m highly credentialed, and proud to have studied with Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block. I’m also certified in Newborn Care, New Parent Coaching, and Infant Massage Education. But my best teachers are small enough to be swaddled, and I’m blessed to have worked on the front-lines of babyhood for many years.

I’m grateful to Harvey Karp for his mentorship, and to Mamaviews, for helping me reach as many families as I have to date. I’m grateful to every parent who’s opened their home to me during a magical time.

Read on for crucial newborn tips, and for stories from a soulful life’s work. Join me as I care for new families in New York, Miami, Los Angeles —and wherever else this exciting career leads. For parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, there’s no certification necessary to become a baby nurse. Only kindness, common sense, and heart.


Ruby Sibal
Founder and CEO of Beyond Baby Care
Newborn Care Expert
Newborn Care Consultant
New Parent Coach
Certified Educator, Happiest Baby
Certified Educator of Infant Massage